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Complete this online form to tell us as much about your mobility innovation idea as possible. We constantly review opportunities to partner with organisations to accelerate mobility innovation and will respond to you as soon as possible.

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    Would this programme work for you?

    • Do you have a Minimal Viable Product ready for testing and scale?
    • Are you strategically aligned to our five core areas of mobility innovation?
    • Could you engage with us closely to deliver a proof of concept, for 2 weeks to 24 weeks depending on the nature of the opportunity?
    • Would you be able to scale deployment if the proof of concept is successful?

    When can you apply?

    The first mVentures cohort is now open for applications and will involve 2-3 mobility projects which focus on electrification, data and new business models. The second cohort will open later in 2019 and we would welcome a conversation with any interested parties.

    Please complete the online form whenever you are ready to tell us about your mobility innovation idea. We constantly review opportunities and will get back to you as soon as possible to explore whether a partnership could work for both parties.

    What are the benefits?

    There is no up front cost to join the mVentures partnership programme.

    You have the opportunity to grow your business through a rapid, results orientated proof of concept project, working closely with us and getting your product or service into use by our customers, teams and drivers.

    If the results prove the value of the partnership, we will collaborate on scaling it up through the Addison Lee Group businesses.


    Download our flyer which summarises how we can grow your business and the process we will work through with you.