London Tech Week

Alongside Graeme Smith (Oxbotica Founding CEO) and Laura Citron (London & Partners CEO), our chief executive Andy Boland headlined London Tech Week’s Opening Ceremony, to talk on the importance of collaboration-led innovation in the face of disruption within our industry and the UK market.  

He highlighted how we’re in a new transport era, fuelled by huge investment and evolving customer demands. A combination of cost, congestion, access to services and conscious choices around air quality and the environment has shown a reduction in private car ownership and a shift from vehicle ownership to the use of app-based mobility services is underway. 

London specifically is the largest single market globally in the transportation segment that we operate in with a market size of £3bn annually combine this market opportunity with the tech talent and innovation in London, and we have a recipe for success. 

This is why collaboration with key industry and Government partners is so importantour experience of delivering premium customer services at scale, plus an understanding of the market, mixed with innovation and agile partnerships will allow us to thrive now and in the future.